The Apple River Fort Historic Foundation is composed of citizens who are dedicated to the successful presentation and programming of history at the Apple River Fort State Historic Site. The Foundation supports these efforts through fundraising activities and monetary contributions.



The Foundation was established in 1994 to locate the original site of Apple River Fort and raise the funds necessary to rebuild the fort buildings and palisade.

Today, the Foundation supports living history programming and a gift shop located in the Interpretive Center. The Apple River Fort Foundation also continues to encourage participation in the Fort's activities, which provides the visitor with an experience that is historically accurate, engaging, educational, entertaining and most of all, memorable.

The vision for the Fort continues, and the Foundation seeks to not only sustain this historic site, but also look to the future. Please join us in becoming a part of history.

Meet the Current Foundation Board Members
Photo credit: Janice Myelle
Carl "Skip" Schwerdtfeger, President

Rich Mattus, Vice President

Helen Kilgore, Secretary/Treasurer​​​​
Kathleen Morgan

Johnny Eversoll

Tim Sabin

Phil Jackman​​​​​​
*Terry Miller, Site Superintendent 

* Sheila Cottral, Site Interpreter Coordinator​​