Group Tours 

For large groups, please schedule your visit ahead of time (at least a month out, if possible) so we may better accommodate your group. For groups larger than 25 people (such as school field trips), we recommend dividing into smaller groups and rotating between the site's attractions.

Children under the age of 18 must be chaperoned at all times. The State of Illinois requires a minimum of 1 adult chaperone for every ten children, no exceptions.

Plan to spend about an hour at the site. We recommend beginning your visit at the Interpretive Center to go through the exhibits and view the film before visiting the Fort. Tours of the Fort can be guided or self-guided. Guided tours may be led by a plain clothes or a costumed interpreter.

Depending on vehicle size, groups may be driven up and dropped off directly at the Fort. School or tour bus drivers will have discretion about making the drive and turn-around at the Fort.

There is no charge for groups, but there is a suggested donation of $4.00 per adult and $2.00 per child.

Amenities such as shelters and picnic tables are first come first serve. Public restrooms and drinking fountains are at the Interpretive Center and only accessible during normal hours of operation.

To Schedule a Group Tour

Contact us by phone at 815.858.2028 or by email at to schedule your group tour. Please have the following information ready:

  • Date and time of tour
  • Organization name and address
  • Name, phone number, and email of contact person
  • Number of people in group (adults and children, and grade if applicable)
  • Special requests or accommodations (ex: ADA access)

Please also let us know if you are planning to:

  • Tour the Interpretive Center
  • View the Interpretive Film
  • Tour the Fort (please specify if you prefer guided by a member of staff or self guided)

We are looking forward to your visit!