Visiting the Apple River Fort


May to October: Wednesday through Sunday, 9 am to 5 pm

November to April: Thursday through Saturday, 9 am to 4 pm

The Apple River Fort is open for visitors year-round, with hours varying by the season.  Admission is free, but donations are appreciated. 

Interpretive Center

We recommend you start your visit at the Interpretive Center, where you'll find knowledgeable staff, a variety of exhibits, and a brief dramatic video depicting the attack on Apple River Fort and other events of the Black Hawk War. Restrooms, drinking fountain, and a soda vending machine are available at the Interpretive Center. 

The Fort

Constructed in 1997, a exact sized replica stands next to the site of the original Apple River Fort.  The replica is based on archaeological investigations of the site, which revealed information about the size and layout of the original fort.  You are encouraged to walk through the fort and peek into each of the buildings on your self-guided tour.

The replica fort is up a slight hill, 1/4 mile from the Interpretive Center building.  The Old Fort Road is paved, with interpretive signage along the way.  You may walk or drive your car up to the Fort. There is no parking by the Fort but cars may pull off into the grass.

Casper-Koester Cabin 

Along the path to the Fort way you will pass the Casper-Koester Cabin.  This original 1840s cabin was moved from just south of Scales Mound to its new home at the edge of the site's prairie.  The cabin is still under construction and is not yet open to the public.

Directions to the Fort

The Interpretive Center is located at 311 E. Myrtle Street, just off Route 20. See the Museum Building icon on the map below.

The Fort is 1/4 mile away from the Interpretive Center. Follow the Old Fort Road, which runs right behind the Interpretive Center, directly up to the Fort. See the Flag icon on the map below.

The Interpretive Center

The Log Cabin, inside the Fort

The Casper-Koester Cabin